I am a professional software developer living in New Albany, Mississippi. I love to learn, but my other hobbies include exploring and trying new things. I am a very curious person, and I'll try almost anything once.

My primary hobby is programming, so of course that's my focus on this page. If you want to know anything else about me, just ask! I'm pretty open and honest, so you'll get a good answer.


Choosing the best tool for the job is the first problem of a project. Fortunately, I'm fluent in a wide range of programming languages and can pick up new ones easily as needed.

Mentioned below are some of my go-to languages. I know more, and you can ask me if you have a question about a specific one.

Simple Websites
I am fluent in CSS3, HTML5, and JavaScript.
I cannot use WordPress, nor do I have any interest in learning that technology.
Advanced Websites
If a simple static site won't cut it, let's talk PHP or VB.Net. Of course, we'll need a database language too — SQL is the obvious choice.
PC Software
I mainly use VB.Net. I save my secret weapon, C++, for the really hard stuff!
Phone Apps
Java for Android and Swift for iPhone.

Other Hobbies

I love eating icecream, chocolate, and unique foods. I like to explore and find new wonderful foods. When asked where I want to eat, I'll answer something like, "the third non-chain restaurant within city limits."

I really enjoy hanging out with friends. Yea, I'm an introvert so I get exhausted more quickly than they do, but it's fun until I doze off! We may be drinking at the bar, trying speed dating (with their wives' permissions), or shooting zombies.

If you really want me to be fascinated, let's go to a good museum or zoo. I hope you don't mind waiting because I will read every single sign in that place!


My personal email address is nathan.belue@gmail.com, but if you have a different one for me, that's the one you should use. I won't put my phone number on here , but you're welcome to call me if you figure it out. I also have social networking accounts, and I add anybody who sends me a request. Let's get to know each other!