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I'm a foodie and a professional programmer. A lot of my time is spent studying and practicing, with a fair amount of breaks to find a new experience. The most normal thing about me is how I tie my shoes. The oddest is that I don't own or want a television. It is a good life.


I started when I was 14, when my dad gave me an old computer. It came with a word processor, a text editor, and a compiler. If I wanted anything else, I had to make it.

Now, years later, I'm a damn good programmer. I'm commonly complimented for being smart, but I think that misses the point. Skills don't come free. I had to earn this one with hard work and dedication. Most people could do the same.



If I weren't a programmer, I would be either a cook or a professional glutton taste tester. I love delicious food! Here are some of my creations:


My personal email address is If you have a different one for me, then use the one you have. I check my emails at least twice a month.